Blind Mud Puddle Johnson

Blind Mud Puddle Johnson

Blind Mud Puddle Johnson is one of Cow and Chicken's neighbors and a renowned Blues singer in the bayou who can use the lyrics in his Blues songs to make things happen to others. He appeared in the episode The Cow and Chicken Blues where Cow and Chicken visited him in hopes that he could cure their blues. Later they discovered that he had been replaced by the Red Guy, who had imprisoned Johnson in his own home. After Cow and Chicken freed Johnson, he sang a song about the Red Guy getting eaten by a large crocodile.


  • Despite his name, he is not actually blind.
  • He was voiced by the late B.B. King.
  • He oddly appears to be the most normal character in the series, with no unusual traits, insane/odd behavior or disturbing moments, other than his impressive ability to control events through song and pretending to be blind.
  • His name is likely a reference to another blues singer named Blind Willie Johnson.

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