Chachi is the titular character of the episode "Chachi the Chewing Gum Seal". He is a seal that Cow made out of chewing gum.

Chachi is brought to life after Cow makes a wish on a wishing star, but turns out to be unhappy and unconfident. When Cow brings Chachi to watch TV, Chicken chews on Chachi and pops him. Cow then teaches Chachi to stand up for himself, and when Chicken chews on Chachi again, Chachi chases him and beats Chicken to a pulp. Cow congratulates Chachi, but Chachi is ungrateful for this and proceeds to berate and yell at Cow, causing her to cry. She sticks him under the table, where he is stuck and falling apart a month later. 


Cow (formerly)


Chicken and Cow