I Am Cliched is the 2nd episode of semi-finale season of I Am Weasel.





  • Running gags: Getting hit by an anvil (which Weasel comments as one of the oldest clichés in cartoons), Explosions. Red Guy saying that his scenes are "original"
  • Cultural references
    • Tex Avery's Wild Takes- When Weasel and I.R.'s eyes where stretched during overreaction
    • Bugs Bunny- The famous hunting scene with Elmer Fudd (I.R. Baboon)and Bugs Bunny (Weasel) pays homage to the famous hare.
    • Road Runner Show- Chasing scene in the desert as well as the famous tunnel painting escape scene.
    • Rugrats/The Simpsons (Weasel Babies)- The logo for Weasel Babies is actually a parody of the said Nickelodeon animated series. The theme song tempo for Weasel Babies pays homage to The Itchy and Scratchy Show from The Simpsons
  • Error: When Weasel was looking at the Red Guy's Bugs Bunny script and says that the director (Red Guy) "Scribbled in Weasel", the former actually points out the word Weenie replacing the word Carrot

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