Lawnmower Chicken is the 11a episode of first season.


Cow and Chicken are doing their chores, Cow washes while Chicken cuts the grass. After their done they gotten six dollars from Dad. Cow plans to buy a doll Piles the Beaver and Chicken buy socks. Dad reminds Chicken to pay two dollars to replace the iron lug he wrecked at the old folk, Mom needed one dollar from Chicken's accident last week and two dollars from the catapult he screwed up, Cow gets the last dollar for allowing Chicken dive at the gelatin at the fair, leaving Chicken no money. Mom and Dad suggest to Mr. Devlin's house to cut his grass, he's unable to due his peg legs, Chicken can get paid in return, which he agrees. Chicken brings the lawnmower Mr. Devlin's old rundown house. He knocks on the door and gotten a harsh responds, Mr. Devlin quickly apologies, he thought it was his grandmas. Chicken offers to mow his lawn for twenty dollars, then cuts down to ten, only for Devlin willing give two. He'll pay Chicken when he's done, but if he doesn't finish by sundown, no pay. Chicken starts cutting the front lawn, when he told Devlin, Chicken has to the back as well. When got to the backyard it was like the Swiss Alps. Cow came on her tricycle, sent by Mom to check on Chicken, she said that Devlin called and said Chicken was lazy. Chicken mad by that statement mows yard in a hurry, Cow decides to help by eating the grass. As Chicken goes up highest part of the hill, he falls back and the grass builds up in a ball, its about to rolled onti Mr. Devlin's house. Cow changes into Supercow and manages to the entire grass ball, gaining size in the process. She goes the front and spits Chicken and the lawnmower. Exhausted, Chicken lets Mr. Devlin know the yards done, but Devlin reminded the agreement that its sundown, so no pay. He kicks Chicken off his porch onto the front yard, bursting in tears, while Devlin laughs. Angry that her brother did all the hard work for nothing, Supercow approaches Devlin and gives him his comeuppance. She unleashed all the grass out into Devlin's house filling the entire place. Devlin gloats that he wasn't hit, but Supercow shot the rest directly at Devlin. Supercow holds up Chicken to Devlin who demanded his pay, he was about to give two dollars till Chicken requested a well-deserved twenty. After collecting his money Supercow and Chicken rides home while leaving Devlin to his grass filled house.