Sailcat is a heroic and semi-invincible cat who appeared in the episode The Legend of Sailcat. Long ago, he was an ordinary cat who was altered by cosmic radiation one night while on the road which made him into a super invincible cat. However at that moment, a truck came by and flattened the poor feline. The flattened cat was then discovered by some kids and flung into the air like a boomerang, thus beginning the legend of Sailcat. To this day, Sailcat can spin around at amazing speeds through the air, going wherever he is needed, and once his work is done, he is tossed into the sky once again. With his flattened body, he can cut throughout almost anything like an indestructible buzz-saw.

In The Legend of Sailcat, Cow, Chicken, Flem and Earl learned of Sailcat from Flem's dad. Sailcat later appeared in the night to open their cans of Sugar Frosted Weenies after Big Foot stole their food.

Sailcat appeared again in Fluffy the Anaconda, where he was apparently now confined to a pet store where he had three kittens with an unknown cat.

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