Sergeant Weenie Arms

Sergeant Weenie Arms

Sergeant Weenie Arms is a mystical soldier and the head of the Weenie Marines who appeared in the eponymous episode named after him. As his name suggests, he has two giant pink weenies for arms. He was summoned by Chicken, Flem and Earl after Earl got a Sergeant Weenie Arms action figure for his birthday which explained the incantation needed to summon him. They then went to Dead Skull Cave dressed in the appropriate Weenie Marine garb while roasting weenies over a fire. After saying the incantation, Sergeant Weenie Arms appeared from the fire and began to train the boys on how to be real Weenie Marines. First by having them do 20 push ups, then shave with smooth rocks and finally chop down a cave tree with their faces. The next day, the boys awoke with new buff physiques and were declared full fledged Weenie Marines by the Sergeant, who then rewarded them with Pencil-Neck Sissy Dolls, telling them that real men aren't afraid to play with sissy dolls. Sergeant Weenie Arms is then seen playing with Cow and acting like a childish sissy, making Flem believe that the Sergeant is full of bologna.

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