Stay Awake is the 13b and last episode of season 2.


The episode begins at home where Mom told Chicken to eat his breakfest so he and Cow can got to school. However when it was discovered that Cow ate all the cereal, Chicken ate a bowl of Sugar Frosted Coffee Flakes, which shock Cow as she read on the box that consuming a large bowl will cause Chicken to be super hyper and won't be able to sleep for 3 nights. Just then the effect of the cereal take a hold on Chicken as Chicken began to act super hyper. First he began to play basketball by himself, then head to the movies and after a few seconds he ran home and decide to go to sleep. But because of the cereal Chicken is unable to sleep.

The next day as Chicken in school, grinding his teeth while Teacher is teaching about Pie then called out for recess and when she notice Chicken is still in class, she informs him at that it's time for recess, he yelled at her and busted to the wall where he encountered a old woman who asked does he have the time and he repiled "No! you got any teeth?!" and ran off before she could say yes.

That night as Chicken attempt to sleep again, he heard loud snoring, believing it to be Cow but as he look outside, he find three baby birds snoring, which he ran out of the house with an axe and chopped down the tree. Later he heard water dripping and checked out the sink and the farcet outside but couldn't fins the dripping sound, then when he hear the dripping inside the toilet tank, he smacked it with a bat, thinking he finally stop it, only to see the dripping coming from Cow's mouth and turn her ear like a level and stopped it. As Chicken was about to finally get some sleep, he hear is heart beat and woke up Cow, begging him to help him get to Sleep. 




  • This is one of a few episodes where the Red Guy doesn't appear in the episode also one of the main characters as a villain.

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