The Bad News Plastic Surgeons is the 11a episode of season 2.


In order to improve the performance of the school's plastic surgery team, Teacher brings in professional coach Dr. High Knee to whip them into shape. Team Captain Chicken initially shows a poor effort, but some encouragement from Dr. Knee spurs him forward and he goes on to win multiple plastic surgery competitions.

On the day of the championship match, however, Chicken finds himself sweating when he learns that the opposing team is so skilled that they can make people look like photo-realistic beavers. His confidence is further shattered when the police appear to arrest Dr. Knee for impersonating a plastic surgeon without a license, but Cow tells Chicken that he is the one who had the talent inside him all along. With no volunteers left to operate on, Chicken selflessly performs plastic surgery on himself, which unnerves the other team and makes them choke. At the end of the match, Chicken, now a perfect photo-realistic beaver, wins the championship.

The next day at breakfast, Cow is complaining to Mom and Dad that "Photo-Realistic Beaver" is making fun of her again.

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